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Press coverage of Viva La Vida!

By nayabandamal · January 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hey everyone!

I know we've not updated for a while but we have been super busy! We just got our grades of the Finals we just wrote and al7mdllah they were awesome!

First of all, i want to thank everyone who came out in support of RUW and Viva La Vida, Thank you guys for helping us make the event such a successful one. Check out the pictures below for some of the press coverage of the event! Click on the pictures to view them in a more readable size!

Gulf Weekly 20th January 2010Al Ayam 13th January 2010

Al Wasat 13th January 2010

Al Watan 13th January 2010

Gulf Daily News 13th January 2010

Al Waqt 19th January 2010

Al Waqt 21st January 2010


And Make sure to check out Woman This Month and Bahrain This Month's February Editions for more pictures! :D

We hope you enjoyed attending this event as much as we did putting it together!

Thanks for all the love and support guys!


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Lots of Love!


Nayab & Amal

Fashion Show!

By nayabandamal · January 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hey everyone!



RUW is having our very own Fashion Show - the third year and the final year fashion students are showcasing their work on the ramp tonight! Anddddddddd guess whattt - one of our sequins and secrets girls is presenting and hosting the show! Find out who by coming down there and showing us some support people! Viva La Vida will consist of three different lines from the final year girls and one line of collaborative work by the third year girls. The whole place is transformed into a magical catwalk and everything looks so nice! okay now i have to go practice! find the details below - and come!!


See You There!

Lots of Love!xoxo

Nayab and Amal


By nayabandamal · January 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Oh Em Jeeeeeee!!!!!!


100 views! We love you guys! THANK YOUUU so much! We want you all to know that we really appreciate all the support and the love you guys !thank you so much for reading and following! You guys are the best! xD


Here's an awesome video of the best songs of 2009 all put together, its so cool! totally *heart* ittt! Enjoy!


Oh and tomorrow, illustrations from our first semeter Fashion Illustration class coming up! And soon, we have a present for YOU! (yes you, who is reading this) yay! so exciting! lol can't wait!


Stay tuned!

Lots of Love! xoxo

Nayab and Amal

2010 is here! =)

By nayabandamal · January 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year! (i knowww we're late! :P but we have finals going on!) I know we promised we'd continue this blog even past our project's due date, but we've been crazyyyy busy with finals, and we ARE going to continue blogging, starting sunday when we finish our last exam! :P so speaking of submission, we finally unveiled our blog to our Art and Design Concepts and Principles class (for which we started this in the first place!) and now we just have to wait and see how we're graded for this! oh and THANK YOU guys! for all the love you've been showing us!:P We love you! inshallah 2010 is gonna be awesome for us all! Promise to keep this blog interesting and keep the views going upwards! So i should get back to studying now, but i will leave you with some really cute songs that we *heart* at the moment! lol u MUST listen to:

Michael Buble - Haven't met you yet and Uncle Kracker - Smile <3 beautiful music to drive to!

Have a good weekend you guys!


Lots of Love! xoxo

Nayab and Amal

And P.S. - we love reading your comments! so pls do leave us comments on the posts! <3 u!

A Work of Art - Makeup Tutorial

By nayabandamal · January 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

okay ladies, so here goes the much awaited makeup tutorial from the beautiful and talented Manar!


we know you've been waiting for this for quite some time now, so we're gonna get right to it!


Now, before you can even think of makeup, you need to make sure you have clean, pretty and moisturised skin to begin with. The number one way to looking absolutely gorgeous, is having glowing, moisturised, exfoliated skin. So cleanse and exfoliate everyday, using a gentle product that works for you, moisturise to lock in that pretty glow and lets begin!


Step one: so after you've moisturised, start with a basic foundation. The key to a flawless complexion is making sure your foundation matches your skin tone perfectly. The best way to apply foundation is with your fingertips (for excellent coverage). Check out the pictures for products recommended by Manar

Next up : set the foundation using mineralize skin finish, available in various shades- depending on you skin tone

Step two: For your eyes, start with a colored base, following it with an eyeshadow, stick with neutral shades for the day time and have fun with funky colours for a sexy look at night! Paint Pots are available in a variety of shades - neutral, pictured below is always a safe bet!

Next step, eyeliner. The only way to learn how to wear perfect eyeliner is practise! Work liquid eyeliner from the centre of the lid, close to the lash line outwards, ending with a flick! This eyeliner is an excellent choice for beginners btw bcz of the shorter wand and stiff tip, its easier to use, although not very fine. For perfect application and beginner hands, use the tattoo liner from Kat Von D we've mentioned before!

Lash Power: A girl can never go wrong with too much mascara! I love mascara! You can put as many coats as you like, till you have full and thick looking lashes. Its always wise to invest in a good mascara, specially if you wear contact lenses because cheaper mascaras tend to flake and irritate the eye. YSL has the best mascara bcz its not heavy when you wear it, and it comes off so easily!

Now for that fresh faced look and to add a little oomph! add a touch of silver or gold highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes, along your cheekbones and under your eyebrows. MAC creme base color in Pearl is perfect for the job!

Next step: Lips

Start on your lips with MAC prep+prime microfine lip refinisher, it gently exfoliates your lips and moisturises so that you have naturally beautiful, healthy looking glossy lips to work on.

Once your lips are primed and moisturised, they are ready for some color! Girls, Red is always a safe color to have for lipstick, because its so easy to just dab on some for a soft pink in the day or put on a some coats for a daring red at night. What is so great about red lipstick is that you control the intensity of the color, invest in a good red lipstick because you'll actually use it everyday!You can wear it to work for a sophisticated look, or out at night for that sexy, sultry vixen look :P

You might want to keep a set of your favorite lipgloss handy, if you feel like going for a more playful look. Lancome's juicy tubes are available in a variety of shades and are so lightweight to wear! They stay put, wont run and wont budge for ages!

And finally, the blush!

Sweep blusher from the apples of your cheeks towards your cheekbones to finish off your look. Nars blushes come in intense colours which can be played up or down, according to your mood. You just have to use these blushes once to fall in love with them!Speaking of Nars, they also carry these amazing colrs in creme textured sticks called multiples and can be used for the eyes, cheeks and lips! Love them!And with that we come to end of our makeup tutorail!

Oh and ladies, skip the shimmer during daytime to avoid looking like Edward Cullen, and please DO make sure you look at yourself in a properly lit mirror beofre you step outside! We want people to be in awe, not afraid! :P


Alright, Stay pretty!

Lots of Love, xoxo


Nayab & Amal

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